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Toilet Bidet Seat - Washes & Dries

Forgets to Use Tissue
Increases personal odor
Increases infection risk

Bidet Seat - Substitute for Tissue?
Attaches to existing toilet
May improve hygiene
Aerated warm water
Warm air dryer

Step-by-Step Instructions Needed

Nursing Home Study

It can be quite a problem when the person forgets to use toilet tissue. Increased odor and infection risk are key concerns. Reminder notes and verbal prompts can be helpful for some, but do not work for everyone. Bidet toilet seats have been used as a substitute for paper in Japan for more than a decade. Over half of all Japanese households have one installed! This high tech seat attaches to an existing toilet and offers push button controls for washing and drying, allowing the user to wash after each use. You'll need to attach the bidet to your plumbing lines and you'll need an electric outlet nearby, as this bidet seat needs electricity to operate.

Bidet toilet seats may increase the person's cleanliness, but they're expensive and they aren't perfect. To learn more, check out our product section.
Photos courtesy of TOTO USA

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