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Alzheimer's & Dementia
About Dementia
Agitated Behavior
- Activities
Clothing & Dressing
Clutter & Hoarding
Falls & Mobility
- Things to Do
- Canes & Walkers
Late Stage
- Memory Aids
- Mid-Late Stage
- Body Ergonomics
- 10 Golden Rules
- What Not to Do
- Lifts

Kevin Lockette, PT
Advisory Board
You, the caregiver, are just as important as the patient because if anything happens to you, everyone's in trouble. Avoid injury by following the Golden Rules. And keep in mind that it's therapeutic for the person to help as much as possible because it helps the person maintain muscle strength and mobility.

Using a Hoyer Lift

Please note that these videos are not dementia specific and do not include special instructions essential for people with dementia. To keep you and the person you care for safe, be sure to read the 10 Golden Rules During a Transfer and seek advice from a health care professional.

This video clip is from "Transfer Training & Mobility Skills for Caregivers" produced by Ohana Pacific Rehabilitation Services.

Excerpt from the video: "Our philosophy is that the caregiver is just as important as the patient because if anything happens to the caregiver, everyone's in trouble. This video is intended as a learning tool and not as replacement for professional consultation."


Coaching a Person

Caregiver Injuries

Body Mechanics Demo

Sitting Up in Bed

Bed to Wheelchair

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